Kid Oscars
Most of this year's Oscar nominees for Best Picture are, well, pretty dark and depressing. So, why not liven them up with a bunch of cute kids?

CineFix got a bunch of adorable tykes to reenact bits of the 2014 Oscar-nominated films (watch below), including "12 Years a Slave," "American Hustle," "Gravity," and "Nebraska." After carefully combing through a Christian Bale-reminiscent headpiece, one kid declares, "I'm scamming all of you." Then he notes he's got "weird-looking hair."

"Me too!" his bewigged counterparts chime in.

For "Gravity," a little girl clutches the hand of a little boy (how precious are those astronaut outfits?). "You have to let go," the little boy pleads.

"Why?" the little girl wonders.

"It's the theme of the movie!" the little boy responds.

And yes, there's a reenactment of "12 Years a Slave" -- "the only scene the producers were comfortable shooting with kids."

Oh, and there's one movie missing, because of the children had seen it yet!
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