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Jai Courtney is going back to the future as Kyle Reese in the upcoming reboot of "The Terminator." As you might remember, Kyle is the time-traveling protector (and lovah) of Sarah Connor, and he both fathered John Connor and later became his BFF thanks to the magic of time travel.

The other major players for "Terminator: Genesis" are in place, with "Game of Thrones" dragon mother Emilia Clarke as Sarah and Jason Clarke as John Connor. The last time we saw an adult John Connor was in "Terminator Salvation" with Christian Bale as Connor and Anton Yelchin as Reese. At one point, "Genesis" was supposed to be a sequel of sorts to "Salvation," but that didn't quite shake out. There aren't a lot of details about the plot at the moment, except that it's a stand-alone trilogy.

That brings up all sorts of questions. For instance, how would a stand-alone trilogy work with characters that have been the subjects of so many previous movies and shows? Will we be able to keep all these darn timelines straight? What if Skynet takes over before the film wraps?

NOLA.com reported in January that "Genesis" will be filming in New Orleans from April 21 to August 1. That gives Crescent City a few months to prepare for the arrival of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Meanwhile, you can spot Jai Courtney in "I, Frankenstein" as the gargoyle army commander Gideon, if you're into that sort of thing. He's also in "Divergent" as Eric, the particularly jerky leader of the Dauntless.

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