amy adams philip seymour hoffmanAcademy Award nominee Amy Adams recently stopped by "Inside the Actors Studio" to discuss her filmography with host James Lipton. But it was mention of Adams's Oscar-winning former co-star, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was in the spotlight during the segment as the pair talked about their mutual love for the dearly-departed actor.

Adams immediately began to tear up when Lipton brought up the actress's Oscar-nominated role in 2008's "Doubt," which co-starred Hoffman. She attempted to compose herself as she explained what it was like working with Hoffman -- with whom she also starred in "Charlie Wilson's War" and "The Master" -- and praised his "generosity of spirit" and the "transformative" impact it had on her acting.

"He was beautiful," Adams said. "He's a beautiful spirit and he had this unique ability to see people, to really see them -- not look through them -- he just really saw people. And he will be missed. ... I just really loved him, and I know so many people did."

Lipton was also moved in discussing Hoffman, saying that the actor's passing was "a difficult moment ... for the craft that we love, [and] for the world in which we live." The host added that Hoffman's profound impact on Adams, Hoffman's other co-stars, and audiences around the globe "is a testament to his greatness."

"We have him forever, thank heaven," Lipton said. "But not long enough."

The episode -- filmed just three days after Hoffman's death -- airs this week on Bravo.