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So far, the philosophy behind the marketing of "Amazing Spider-Man 2" has been "well, let's just show everyone everything." Gone are the days when studios would play coy with the plot specifics or intended villains for their big summer tent poles. (They tried that last year with "Star Trek Into Darkness" and look where it got us.) So the latest cat to be let out of the proverbial bag, when it comes to the highly anticipated spider-sequel, is the identity of the Green Goblin. In the comic books and original Sam Raimi film, it was Norman Osborne, played in the new film by Chris Cooper. They've seemingly gone a different direction, thanks to a just-released photo. So if you want to be spoiler-free going into "Amazing Spider-Man 2," you might want to turn back now.

Still there?


So the new photo (courtesy of Coming Soon) shows that the Green Goblin of "Amazing Spider-Man 2" is none other than Harry Osborne (played by Dane DeHaan from "Kill Your Darlings"). And what's more, this Green Goblin doesn't have a mask. In this movie he's physically transformed into a goblinish creature. That's pretty cool, right?

In the sequel, Spider-Man (once again played by Andrew Garfield) must deal with his burgeoning relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone, again) and a whole host of villains wanting to take him down. In addition to Green Goblin, he's got to combat Electro (Jamie Foxx) and the Rhino (Paul Giamatti), amongst others (depending on who you talk to). Will he survive? And what will be left of him?

Find out on May 2, when "Amazing Spider-Man 2" becomes your friendly neighborhood wall crawler.
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