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As the domestic box office can easily reflect, we're in a particularly Lego-crazy period, with everyone going gaga for "The Lego Movie" (and its slew of merchandising tie-ins). One of the stars of "The Lego Movie," Liam Neeson, has a new thriller coming out next week called "Non-Stop," and a team of creative geniuses (there's really no other word for them) has decided to do a Lego makeover of the "Non-Stop" trailer. It's ridiculously delightful.

All of the familiar beats from the trailer, from Neeson's Air Marshal entering a plane and being accused of wanting to hijack the aircraft, lots of craziness, some subtle banter with a fellow passenger played by Julianne Moore, and some zero gravity fisticuffs, but, you know, rendered in colorful building blocks. In short: it's a hoot.

The actual flesh-and-blood "Non-Stop," which also stars Nate Parker, Scoot McNairy, Corey Stoll and Lupita Nyong'o, is out next week. Air sickness bags not included.
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