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Patrick Stewart's bromance with fellow actor Ian McKellan is legendary, with the pair constantly posting hilarious, heartwarming photos of themselves getting into all sorts of shenanigans. Perhaps that's what led a British columnist to mistake him for a gay man, incorrectly outing the actor in a story about Ellen Page's recent inspiring coming out speech.

Writer Jane Czyzselska, of The Guardian, wrote a column questioning why the newly-out lesbian actress's revelation was making such big headlines, explaining that gay people "come out because we want to be ourselves and have people treat us with the same dignity they would accord a heterosexual person," not because they want attention. And yet, Czyzselska wrote, "Some gay people, such as Patrick Stewart, think Page's coming out speech is newsworthy."

Stewart did indeed send out a brief tweet last weekend in support of Page. But Stewart, who got married for the third time last year, is decidedly straight.

After receiving feedback pointing out Czyzselska's error, The Guardian quickly corrected its story. Stewart himself eventually caught wind of the snafu, and posted some characteristically charming responses to the kerfuffle. Cheers to Stewart for both supporting Page and handling The Guardian's mistake with grace.

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