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This weekend, the legendary Mount Vesuvius erupts again in "Pompeii," starring Kit Harington ("Game of Thrones"), Kevin Costner stars opposite Amber Heard in the spy-thriller "3 Days to Kill," and several acclaimed independent and foreign films make their way to select theaters.

"Pompeii" stars Kit Harington as Milo, a slave-turned-gladiator, who falls in love with Cassia, the daughter of a wealthy merchant. As Mount Vesuvius erupts and slowly destroys the magnificent Roman province Pompeii, Milo must fight his way to Cassia (Emily Browning) and save them both. Paul W.S. Anderson ("Resident Evil") directs this historical action epic.

In "3 Days to Kill," Kevin Costner plays a dangerous international spy determined to retire and finally spend time with his wife and daughter. With his life suddenly on the line, he gets roped back in for one last assignment that -- if successfully completed -- could save his life and allow him to walk from a life of violence unharmed. Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld, and Connie Nielsen also star in this action-thriller from director McG ("Terminator Salvation").

Also in theaters this weekend:
  • Nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar, "The Wind Rises" is a beautiful film that chronicles the life of Jiro Horikoshi, a famous Japanese airplane designer, through key historical events.
  • "In Secret" tells the story of a repressed young wife (Elizabeth Olsen) in 19th century Paris, who tragically falls in love with her husband's alluring friend (Oscar Isaac).
  • Directed by Hany Abu-Assad ("Paradise Now"), "Omar" is a gripping thriller about a Palestinian freedom fighter who loves a woman on the other side of the separation wall.
  • In "Barefoot," the black sheep of a wealthy family (Scott Speedman) brings a young, naive, and completely isolated woman (Evan Rachel Wood) home for his brother's wedding.
What are you most excited to see this weekend?
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