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Last night on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon," Will Ferrell, who did an Olympic figure skating routine to the theme song from "Downton Abbey" and co-starred in a Nick Jr. show called "Ew" with Fallon and Michelle Obama, announced that "Anchorman 2" would be returning to theaters for a week, in a completely separate, R-rated version. The movie, described as "super-sized," will hit theaters (again) on February 28th. Check out the trailer below, via Entertainment Weekly.

On "The Tonight Show," Ferrell said that he and director Adam McKay briefly contemplated splitting the sequel into two separate halves. Instead, they had editors working on parallel cuts of a single movie, so this re-release will be completely different, featuring almost 800 brand new jokes and raunchier material (it was rated R by the MPAA).

McKay and Ferrell are notorious for shooting way, way, way too much footage. On the commentary track for "Step Brothers" (which, it should be noted, is one of the greatest commentary tracks of all time), McKay half-jokingly acknowledges that they shot more footage on that film than Francis Ford Coppola did on "Apocalypse Now," and anyone who followed "Anchorman 2's" production in any detail knows that there was a ton of stuff that just didn't make it into the already overstuffed movie, including sizable cameos from giant stars like Nicole Kidman.

We called "Anchorman 2" the funniest movie of last year, a claim that we stand by. So this one-week engagement, which McKay promises will be way, way, way longer than the original, is something of an event for us. When it comes to the silly, nobody brings it quite like McKay and Ferrell. Watch the trailer and tell us we're wrong.
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