Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Anything Jennifer Lawrence does is adorable. She even managed to make tripping on the stairs at last year's Oscars look good.

But while she escaped that embarrassing moment with grace, Lawrence doesn't want to repeat it again at this year's Academy Awards ceremony, where she'll be a presenter.

In an interview for her Miss Dior campaign, Lawrence confesses that she wants to wear a dress that she can walk in.

"I obviously have very special memories of the dress I wore to the Oscars. Some fun, some not," she says. "They need to make it more accessible for stairs, in my opinion. It feels nice when you're dressed in something beautiful and you feel beautiful. When you're wearing an outfit that you're really proud of or a dress that you feel really good in, it can be fun, and therefore make you happier."

Not to say Lawrence was unhappy in last year's frothy white gown. "I saw a picture of it from the runway and it was just the most beautiful dress I think I had ever seen," she gushes.

Maybe just a little more stair-walking practice is what's needed, then.