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Well, it's good to know that everyone can put their fears aside about Jimmy Fallon taming down his shtick for his new gig as the ringleader of "The Tonight Show." The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member has proven, after the first few episodes of his more high profile gig, that he's still able to bring the delightfully absurd sensibilities of his later-night show to the venerable "Tonight Show" platform. And we couldn't be more thrilled.

A prime example of his commitment to silliness occurred on last night's show, where he introduced a pre-taped sketch centered around a fictional Nick Jr. show called "Ew!" As you can imagine, Fallon plays a tween girl (who sounds an awful lot like his Barry Gibb impression, actually) who constantly says "ew." Fallon is joined in the sketch by Will Ferrell (immaculate) and, more surprisingly, they managed to convince Michelle Obama to get in on the act. The First Lady is actually pretty funny and even manages to get her healthy eating initiative out there to the kids... you know, the kids who are up late at night watching "The Tonight Show."

Just watch it! And prepare to giggle! Ew!
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