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First, the "Veronica Mars" movie made history with its record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. Now, it's about to do it again.

Get this "Veronica Mars" fans: your movie will be the first to be simultaneously released by a major studio in theaters (270 theaters) and made available for purchase and to rent on the same day: March 14, 2014. We can already sense the diehard Marshmallows opening iTunes to submit their pre-orders.

While releasing a movie day-and-date theatrically and via VOD isn't a new concept, exactly how Warner Bros., the studio behind "Veronica Mars," is distributing the movie theatrically is: They've opted to rent screens at the aforementioned 270 theaters instead of sharing ticket sales with the theaters themselves. Renting the screens means Warner Bros. receives 100% of the ticket sales and avoids the sensitive subject of theatrical release windows (the time span between a movie's initial theatrical release and its distribution via competitive VOD, rental, or digital / home video purchase), an issue that theater owners have been -- and continue to be -- very vocal about.

If you live near an AMC theater, you're in luck. According to the Wall Street Journal, 260 of the 270 theaters being rented by Warner Bros. to screen "Veronica Mars" are owned by the multiplex owners, with the remaining 10 being independently owned. More info on which theaters will be carrying the movie will become available closer to the movie's March 14 release.

Of course, fans of "Veronica Mars" aren't really concerned about the industry politics, forward-thinking, and experimentation happening with their beloved small-screen sleuth's highly anticipated big-screen premiere -- they just want to see the movie they paid to make. Like, yesterday.
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