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Will Smith is a man intimately familiar with super-heroics. Whether it's saving the world from alien invaders in "Independence Day" or, um, saving the world from alien invaders in the three "Men in Black" movies (which were based on a series of independent comic books by publisher Malibu), he has been regularly cast as a superhero. (In "Hancock," he was a drunk, self-loathing superhero who turned out to be an angel... or something.) Well, it looks like Smith is about to get back in the literal superhero game for Universal Pictures and Legendary's "Brilliance."

According to The Wrap, Smith is in talks to star in the film for director Julius Onah ("God Particle"), who will be working from a script by David Koepp, who is also quite familiar with superheroes (he wrote "Spider-Man" for Sam Raimi and worked on the troubled "Men in Black III" for Smith). The project is based on a novel by Marcus Sakey that was released by an Amazon imprint last year. As The Wrap notes, the story is set "in a world where some people called "brilliants" are born with heightened cognitive abilities, the story follows a federal agent whose extraordinary gift makes him exceptional at hunting terrorists." So... "Zero Dark Thirty" meets "Man of Steel?" We're in!

Smith can currently be seen in the largely laughable "Winter's Tale," and will next costar alongside the painfully adorable Margot Robbie in Warner Bros' "Focus" (out next February).
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