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While "Godzilla" might be one of this summer's most hotly anticipated releases, but it's also been one of the most closely guarded. Unlike, say, "Amazing Spider-Man 2," which seems intent on spoiling the entire movie before the release thanks to an endless series of footage-filled trailers, "Godzilla" has revealed a brief teaser and an obscured poster that only hints at the movie to come. This is especially striking given how soon it comes out (May 16th!) Nobody has even seen the titular monster yet. Until now... Sort of. British movie magazine Empire has revealed its "Godzilla"-inspired cover, giving us the best look of the beast so far. Oh – and get ready to hear the official "Godzilla" roar!

The image, which has a wonderful black, white, and red color palette and features the monster in full roar, looks much closer to the Japanese original monster than whatever the hell was going on with the 1998 American remake, which gave the creature a large, jutting jaw and a hunched-over stance.
empire godzilla cover
"Trying to get the face right was the main thing," says Edwards. "I guess he's got more of a bear's face, or a dog's. We also used eagle. There's a lot of nobility in an eagle. It made him feel very majestic and noble," director Gareth Edwards told the magazine about the iconic creature's new look. The article also mentioned that Andy Serkis, the performance capture maven responsible for Gollum in the "Lord of the Rings" movies, was brought on board the project to help "control the souls" of the monsters (according to Edwards). Could this movie get any cooler?

Warner Bros also debuted the monster's roar today, which sounds a lot like the original character's nightmarish howl. You can listen to it here, while you wait for another trailer or some other morsel of tantalizing goodness to come from the movie, which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, and Sally Hawkins.

Godzilla Movie Poster
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