Moviefone Guest Editor: Liam Neeson: Why I Love Movies
Liam Neeson -- star of the new action/thriller "Non-Stop" -- is Moviefone's Guest Editor for the week of February 24 - 28. Watch for ass-kicking exclusives from the actor throughout the week.

Liam Neeson is huge. And I don't mean that he's one of the biggest movie stars in the world, because he certainly is that. But he's also physically imposing, a towering man in an industry dominated by movie stars that are usually small enough to fit inside your pocket. Sitting across from him, you understand why he's constantly being cast as a man who can crack someone's skull open with a single punch, since he could probably have done it to me. All of this makes his answers to our question about why he loves movies even more surprising and endearing.

As our guest editor, Neeson will be bringing you exclusive video all week, and as he talks about why he loves movies, you understand that there's just an appropriately sized heart inside the giant man. He talks about the primal power of movies, of their magic and transformative spells, in a way that seems genuine and totally his own. After listening to him talk about why he loves movies, chances are you'll love movies a little bit more. It's that great.

Liam's cracking new airborne thriller "Non-Stop" opens nationwide on Friday, and we'll have lots more from the star throughout the week.
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