777-film questionsSo, by now you've heard the news that Moviefone's telephone service, 777-FILM, is ending soon. You're frightened, confused, and angry -- we get it. Change is hard. To help you adjust, we've assembled some of the most frequently asked questions about what dropping our phone service means for you.

Q: When is the phone service actually ending?

A: We'll discontinue the phone service in mid-to-late March.

Q: Is Moviefone.com shutting down, too?

A: No! Moviefone.com isn't going anywhere. In fact, we'll be launching a new Moviefone.com in the spring. And we couldn't be more excited about it.

Q: How will I get showtimes and tickets now that the phone service has ended?

A: You can get all of the same information – and a lot more – via Moviefone.com, as well as our crazy-popular app for iPhone and Android, which you can download here:


Q: Why are you shutting down the phone service?

A: Over the years, fewer and fewer people have been calling the phone service, while our mobile app and website audiences have been growing. We decided it was time to devote more resources to where the audience is and where it's going to be.

Q: What will the new Moviefone.com be like?

A: Like Hitchcock, we love a good mystery, so we're not going reveal too much about the new Moviefone.com experience. What we can say is that it's going to be bigger and better than ever. And we promise no "Sixth Sense"-like twists.

Still have a question or two? Ask away.

Watch for the new Moviefone.com this spring!
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