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Darren Aronofsky is taking his visionary vibe to a literal and logical conclusion next week with an art show in New York City. "Fountains of the Deep: Visions of Noah and the Flood" will give attendees a taste of what inspired Aronofsky's vision of the Biblical epic.

The "Noah" director said, "While writing the script for 'Noah,' I wondered how my favorite artists would interpret the iconic text. So I decided to ask a few of them to return to Genesis and create an image of their own... This exhibit is the collection of their work: in painting, in drawing, in photography, in sculpture and in music." The exhibit will feature works from a wide swath of modern artists, from psychedelic illustrator Jim Woodring to legendary photographer Nan Goldin. Aronofsky has been posting sneak peeks of the art on Twitter, along with retweets of stuff like this: Yep, epic is the right word here. A lot of the "Noah" coverage so far has been about test screenings, rumored friction with the studio, and questions about the target audience. This is an interesting way to redirect the narrative and also warm up a different sort of movie-goer: those who might be turned off by the idea of a movie based on a tale from the Old Testament, starring Russell Crowe.
"Fountains of the Deep" will be on display at 462 West Broadway in New York City from March 7 to March 29.
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