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Do you wanna go into showbiz? We wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but it's your life!

In any case, this flowchart is far more useful than all those dusty copies of "What Color Is Your Parachute?" that you keep getting as gifts from your mom. We can't all be Harvey Weinstein, you know, and there's room in the movie biz for everyone. Sure, you might not be a hotshot director, but you can always try work as a runner or a gaffer. Heck, if you know how to clean up other people's messes without breaking a sweat, you could even go into catering. Plus, now we know that the director of photography is "cooler than Fonzie" and that the make-up artist doubles as a free therapist. Or maybe you should just become a film school professor; that's a fine job as well! These are all important things to know.

However, the most important gig on the board is probably continuity. The folks in charge of film continuity make sure there are no goofs, even in the tiniest wardrobe detail. Someone will notice, and they will probably write something like this about it on the Internet. Naturally, if you're a perfectionist, this is the perfect job for you. And you'll also notice that if you follow this flowchart, well, it's lacking some continuity too.

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filmmaking flowchart
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