oscars desserts
Outside of the big Oscar shindig in Los Angeles, there is only one official Academy Awards party on the night of the awards. This party is held at the ridiculously swanky uptown Manhattan restaurant Daniel, with noted chef Daniel Boulud whipping up a number of delicious delicacies for the members of the Academy who are East Coast bound (and willing to shell out a not insignificant amount of cash to watch the awards in a lovely dining room outfitted with large HD televisions). This party, while not as extravagant as the West Coast counterpart, might be just as fun. And last week in New York, we were able to taste a little bit of what the night has to offer.

At the tasting, a small group was joined by Boulud and Patrick Harrison, Program Director at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who explained that, after a delicious light breakfast (seriously, the best fruit salad I have ever had in my life), we would be tasting desserts that were inspired by each of the nine nominees for Best Picture. So we took a bite of each and decided to compare them to their corresponding movies.
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