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Third time's the charm, right? Stephen King's "The Stand" has had a heckuva time getting off the ground -- you can read a nice history of its ups and downs here, but in brief, this mishegoss started about three years ago, when Warner Bros. tossed the idea out into the ether. Sure, it seemed like a good idea to adapt a sci-fi/fantasy novel that weighs in at over 1400 pages, but it's proving harder to make that a reality. (NB: The 1978 version of "The Stand" was a mere 823 pages.)

The latest director who's tossing his hat into the ring is Josh Boone, whose upcoming film "The Fault in Our Stars" is a YA sobfest for the ages, starring It Girl Shailene Woodley. It might sound strange that Boone would take the reigns, but this isn't the first time he's been attached to a Stephen King project. He posted on his Tumblr last September that he would be adapting King's book "Lisey's Story" that fall. (It should also be noted that King had a cameo in Boone's first movie, "Stuck in Love," a drama with Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly. The full story of Boone's interest in Stephen King's writing is worth a gander!) However, "Lisey's Story" is a love story slash drama that's more in keeping with Boone's current resumé, as opposed to the dark and gnarly apocalyptic epic "The Stand."

If this doesn't work out, Boone shouldn't take it too personally, no matter what Cassius says in "Julius Caesar."

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