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Before "The Sandman" can hit the big screen, it needs a script. And according to Deadline, it'll be written by Jack Thorne ("How I Live Now").

Warner Bros. is developing the DC Comics series into a movie that will be produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The studio hopes that the actor will also star in and direct the adaptation, on the heels of his acclaimed directorial debut, "Don Jon."

"Batman" franchise writer David S. Goyer came up with the story idea, which Thorne will flesh out into a full script. The "Sandman" series has been a tough one to crack in a movie format. The main character, Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams. After being held in captivity for 70 years, Morpheus breaks out and exacts vengeance on his captors. Its anthological nature could spawn a franchise for DC Comics and Warner Bros.
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