Moviefone Guest Editor: Liam Neeson: Favorite Ass-Kicking Movie Moments
Liam Neeson -- star of the new action/thriller "Non-Stop" -- is Moviefone's Guest Editor for the week of February 24 - 28. Watch for ass-kicking exclusives from the actor throughout the week.

When you think of people who kick major ass, you probably think of Liam Neeson. Since "Taken" he has been on a continuous, never-ending streak of kicking just about everyone's ass he comes in contact with, be it man or wolf. So it was with some excitement that Neeson, who is guest editing Moviefone this week, shed some light on what some of his most beloved ass-kicking movie moments were – both from cinematic history and his own filmography.

If you've been watching some of Neeson's other videos this week, one of his choices won't be much of a surprise, but it's in the way that Neeson describes his favorite moments that is really worth watching. You can tell that the actor is still just as excited about movies and their singular power as he was when he was starting out, and that a visceral moment in an action movie, whether his own or somebody else's, still packs an overwhelming wallop.

So if you're curious about what movies get Neeson's blood pumping, be sure to watch this video. And stay tuned for more Neeson-y goodness throughout the week, as his tenure as Moviefone's guest editor continues.

And if you want to see Neeson kick some ass on the big screen, be sure to buy a ticket to his new thriller "Non-Stop," which opens nationwide this Friday.
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