adam sandler drew barrymore duetMike Coppola/Getty Images for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore dropped by "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday to promote what will be their third movie together, "Blended," due out in May. To recognize that milestone, the pair sang a duet about their proclivity for pairing up onscreen every decade or so, or as Barrymore put it, "Every ten years, we get to fall in love again."

Accompanied on guitar by host Jimmy Fallon, Sandler and Barrymore serenaded each other with compliments, with Barrymore calling Sandler "the Fred [Astaire] to my Ginger Rogers," and Sandler admitting that the first time he met Barrymore, the actress "gave me a hug, and I got a boner."

The song itself isn't too great from a melody standpoint, but it's a sweet reminder of the pair's onscreen chemistry and real-life friendship. Sandler even ended the song with a sweet callback to one of the greatest musical moments from "The Wedding Singer," which should leave fans of the 1998 '80s throwback flick feeling super sentimental.

Check out the duet below. "Blended" hits theaters on May 23.
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