If you're an adult without a child, odds are you've wanted to see a kids' movie but have felt pretty weird about it.

That weirdness fuels a strategy to somehow see the movie shame-free: taking your niece or nephew, inviting your friends with kids, or dressing inconspicuously and walking into the theater with a large family you pretend is yours. (That last one is decidedly creepy, so stop doing that.) Most times, you wait for the movie to hit Netflix or Amazon so you can watch it in the comfort of your own apartment or home, when you know your roommates will be gone or your significant other is away on business or something. Well, we think you're better than that.

Here at Moviefone, we urge you to break free from your self-imposed shackles of shame and see the kids' movies you want to see! These days, more and more animated flicks are truly fun for the whole family, and, in some cases, can only be fully appreciated from an adult's perspective.

So embrace your inner child and watch the following movies with your head held high.
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