Kids Reenact the Oscars: The Bloopers!
A few weeks ago the Internet was taken by a video of little kids reenacting the Best Picture Oscar nominees. It was, quite simply, The Cutest. (And if you haven't watched it yet, yes, they do something for "12 Years A Slave," but the approach is pretty amazing and inoffensive.) Well, if you thought that was adorbs, just wait until you see... The outtakes!

That's right, the same certifiable geniuses behind the original Kids Reenacting the Oscars video has unleashed a blooper reel to make us all giggle and go "awwww" (courtesy of Finally, an answer to why they wouldn't make one of the kids playing the pirate in "Captain Phillips" say, "I'm the captain now" (seriously, this has been wearing on me). It's all very funny and charming and further proof that little kids hate wearing fake mustaches.

Watch for yourself. It'll make your day a little sunnier.
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