Moviefone Guest Editor: Liam Neeson: Travel Tips
iam Neeson -- star of the new action/thriller "Non-Stop" -- is Moviefone's Guest Editor for the week of February 24 - 28. Watch for ass-kicking exclusives from the actor throughout the week.

Our special guest editor Liam Neeson has previously taken us through some of his favorite roles and most kick-ass moments, but today offers us some practical advice, in connection with his role as an air marshal in this week's "Non-Stop." That's right: get ready for Liam Neeson's tips for air travel!

Sadly, none of these tips involve "punching everyone you see" or "making sure no menacing wolves have been placed in the overhead compartments," although I'm pretty sure that Neeson has at least thought about those possibilities. Instead, Neeson offers thoughtful tips about how to best get through airport security in the most docile manner possible.

What's interesting is the moment when you see that he gets frustrated with the process just by talking about it but continues on. It's that moment of frustration that hints at the intensity Neeson so wonderfully taps into for movies like "Taken" and, of course, "Non-Stop."

For more a far more outrageous take on air travel, be sure to watch Neeson in "Non-Stop," opening nationwide this Friday. And check back for more goodies from our guest editor. Or you'll be sorry.
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