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Film buffs with a cool $30,000 in spare change have a chance to own a piece of Hollywood history: a copy of the "Citizen Kane" script belonging to screenwriter Orson Welles is going up for auction.

The script, inscribed with the words "Mr. Welles' working copy," is covered in handwritten notes from Welles, and shows evidence of multiple revisions and replaced pages. It's the second draft of the script, and does not yet have the film's closing scene, where moviegoers learn the identity of protagonist Charles Foster Kane's beloved "Rosebud."

According to the Associated Press, "The script being sold - one of only two known surviving copies belonging to Welles - bears the movie's earlier title, 'American.' It was changed, in part, to distance the fictional Charles Foster Kane from [purported inspiration, U.S. newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst."

The script is expected to fetch anywhere from $25,000 to $33,000 when it goes to auction early next month in London. It's part of a lot of over 1,000 items from the estate of the late Stanley Seeger, an affluent Brit who collected valuable works of art and odd historical artifacts. The AP writes that the reclusive Seeger was a huge fan of "Kane," and "often watched the movie, following along with script in hand."

Those hoping to imitate Seeger have their chance to do so soon. The full listing -- including photos of the document -- is available through Sotheby's.
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