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Earlier this week the world shuddered with the sound of prehistoric roaring as the "Godzilla" trailer debuted and promptly dazzled just about everyone who watched it. Well, now some new images from the monster mash have debuted, along with a kind of video commentary from "Godzilla" director Gareth Edwards, who takes us through some of the secrets of the trailer.

The images from "Godzilla" are more or less what you would expect and come from the same issue of Empire magazine (where the monster prominently held the cover) via Coming Soon, with an emphasis on the large-scale destruction that has been left behind in the wake of the giant lizard (look at that tail!), but maybe the most interesting part of the Empire photoset is the graphic showing the different sizes of all of the incarnations of the Godzilla monster. It seems that this new one is going to be biggest monster in the franchise history – proving that, as the ad for the 1998 "Godzilla" memorably stated -- size really does matter.

As for the video commentary provided by Edwards (also for Empire, watch it below) if you're spoiler averse, don't worry, there aren't that many secrets that are spilled. Instead, it's a great introduction to Edwards's approach to the movie, with an emphasis on performances and emotionality ("If you don't at least start to cry then I haven't done my job"), not exactly the first two things you think of when you think "Godzilla." He also talks about why he used the classical piece of music most famous for being a part of "2001" and why Bryan Cranston is the man.

Maybe the coolest explanation comes towards the end of the 10-minute video, when Edwards describes how their monster, if it was real back in the '50s, was something that someone could have seen in Japan and gone to Toho and designed their monster based on what they thought they saw. This is so, so awesome, and adds a lovely layer of meta-textual depth to the whole thing. Cannot wait.

"Godzilla" opens everywhere on May 16.
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