Moviefone Guest Editor: Liam Neeson: Things People Don't Know About Me
Liam Neeson -- star of the new action/thriller "Non-Stop" -- is Moviefone's Guest Editor for the week of February 24 - 28. Watch for ass-kicking exclusives from the actor throughout the week.

Liam Neeson has, over the past few years, been saving his family and fighting wolves and generally doing things that most of us would rather comfortably watch from our theater chair (or, barring that, really comfy couch). So it's kind of surprising to hear the actor, who has been serving as Moviefone's guest editor all week (and doing a damn fine job of it) describe the things that you don't know about him -- all of which are pretty mundane and (dare we say it?) mellow.

The things that Neeson reveals mostly concern his recreation time so, if you were suspecting something like, "Well, I'm an active serial killer who has evaded police capture for decades" or "I like to dress in ladies undergarments," you're going to be sorely disappointed. (Also: seek help.) Instead, Neeson charmingly takes us through his downtime, which seems to be in short supply given that he is in one of every three movies released this year.

So if you want to know something that you probably didn't know about Liam Neeson, be sure to watch the video. And be sure to check out the other videos with Neeson that we've debuted this year, if only because at this point I'm pretty sure the soothing sound of his voice can stop aging and cure most diseases.
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