'12 Years' Takes Oscar Best Picture Trophy
This year, there were nine movies up for Best Picture: "The Wolf of Wall Street," "Nebraska," "Captain Phillips," "American Hustle," "Dallas Buyers Club," "Gravity," "Her," "12 Years a Slave," and "Philomena." But, like "Highlander" tells us, there can be only one.

And the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture is... "12 Years a Slave."

All of the films were, we're sure, just honored to be nominated, but only "12 Years a Slave" walked away with the win. Since the nominations were announced, the consensus has been that it's really just a race between "Gravity" and "12 Years a Slave," so tonight's winner was only somewhat of a surprise.

And there you have it, the odds-on big winner of the night, "12 Years a Slave," took the Best Picture crown, meeting (nearly) everyone's expectations. But, if you thought "Gravity" was going to take it, you weren't alone.

Now that the Oscars are over, we can dream about next year's nominees. Or not. Your call.
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12 Years a Slave
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