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"Veronica Mars" fans who've been impatiently waiting for the long-anticipated big screen adaptation of the beloved cult series to hit theaters later this month can now watch the first two minutes of the movie online.

The clip serves as a "Previously on 'Veronica Mars'..." segment, catching up fans of the series on where the show left off when it was cancelled in 2007, as well as filling in viewers who are new to "Veronica" and the gang. It rehashes the series's origin story -- Veronica (Kristen Bell, who narrates the clip) takes a job at her dad's P.I. agency and tries to solve the murder of her best friend -- while also poking fun at the notion of a teenage detective.

It's a great, concise trip down memory lane that sets up the movie's premise perfectly (Veronica returns to her hometown of Neptune after a long absence, and is called in to help clear her ex-boyfriend, Logan, of a murder charge). And it also teases a potential rekindling of what became the series's central romance (Team Logan forever).

Whether you're a longtime Marshmallow (a multipurpose "Mars" term that also gets a shout-out in Bell's voiceover) or a "Veronica" virgin curious to learn more, this clip should satisfy all viewers. Check it out below, and just try to contain your excitement for the full movie's release.

"Veronica Mars" comes out in theaters and on video on demand on March 14.
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