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Are the director and writer of newly-minted Best Picture winner "12 Years a Slave" feuding? According to one Hollywood insider, yes, and that feud resulted in some rather chilly behavior from the pair Sunday night.

Writer Nikki Finke tweeted about the alleged rift between director Steve McQueen and screenwriter John Ridley during Sunday's Oscars telecast, writing that the "cold shoulder" treatment the pair gave each other was the result of a "dispute over screenplay credit." Ridley won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay Sunday, and didn't stop to acknowledge -- or even look at -- McQueen on his way to accept the statuette, despite making a point to hug director David O. Russell. (With whom Ridley has also feuded about screenplay credit, interestingly enough.)

Vanity Fair has a rather damning GIF of McQueen, whose tepid applause following Ridley's win suggests that there may be some truth to Finke's rumor. The pair also stayed far away from each other when "12 Years" won Best Picture, with McQueen accepting the Oscar on the film's behalf and Ridley lingering toward the back of the group of filmmakers who bounded onstage to celebrate the victory.

This feud could be entirely made up, for all we know, since as Vanity Fair points out, there's been absolutely no mention of behind-the-scenes tensions between McQueen and Ridley until now. But their body language is a bit curious considering all the success "12 Years" enjoyed on Sunday. We'll just have to wait until one of them mentions it (we're betting it will be Ridley, who's been outspoken about the issue in the past) before we know the truth.

[via Nikki Finke, h/t Vanity Fair]
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