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Sure, it must be kind of a bummer to be nominated for an Oscar multiple times and walk away from the ceremony empty-handed each year. But Leonardo DiCaprio, who lost his fourth chance at an acting Oscar Sunday night -- and fifth nomination overall -- didn't seem too disappointed, probably because he's a famous movie star with tons of money who often gets to work with Hollywood legends and has women falling at his feet.

Those realities, however, were lost on the Internet following DiCaprio's latest loss (his role in "The Wolf of Wall Street" was beaten by Matthew McConaughey's work in "Dallas Buyers Club"), and the actor's fans took to Twitter in droves to express their anger at the injustice of Leo failing to nab the Best Actor statuette. The hashtags #PoorLeo and #GiveLeoAnOscar were trending on the microblogging site, and images and GIFs from DiCaprio's various movies were photoshopped to include references to his bad Oscar luck.

E! and the Los Angeles Times have a good round-up of some of the best memes, including one that shows Leo's "The Departed" character beating the crap out of a guy who dares to ask him where his Oscar is. Another shows a scene from "The Wolf of Wall Street" -- in which McConaughey has a small part -- where the two actors sit across a table from one another, McConaughey clutching his little gold guy, DiCaprio looking dejected.

While we're sure Leo is taking his loss much better than his fans, we're sort of glad that the internet thinks he's so tortured over it; his failure to earn Oscar gold has resulted in some pretty great comedy gold.

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