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Filmmakers behind the adaptation of Veronica Roth's YA novel "Divergent" can rest easy: according to Roth, the movie is awesome.

The author revealed her review of the film on Tumblr, writing that she was nervous to see her work on the big screen and that it was difficult to prepare herself for "watching something that once existed only in your brain re-created on such a large scale." It turns out that Roth didn't have anything to worry about, though.

"[I]t was so ridiculously awesome and surreal I just wanted to laugh and cry all at once," Roth wrote. " ... I loved it. I was completely absorbed by it. Even though I am so familiar with this story, I clearly remember grabbing the arms of my chair when Tris runs to catch the train after the Choosing Ceremony because I was nervous that she wouldn't make it. (And then I thought to myself ... YOU WROTE THE STORY, VERONICA.)"

Roth also called out stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James, praising their lead performances as Tris and Four as "everything I hoped for (or maybe more than I dared to hope for)."

Check out Roth's entire -- spoiler-free -- review on her blog. "Divergent" opens March 21.

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