dan harmon harmontownJason Merritt/Getty Images

The comedy gods really broke the mold when they made Dan Harmon, the controversial creator of "Community." When the showrunner and writer was canned from his own show, he took his live comedy show "Harmontown" on the road, broadcasting it as a podcast along with way.

Now you can watch the mishegoss unfold up close and personal-like in the documentary "Harmontown." Director Neil Berkeley went on the road with Harmon and fellow comedians Jeff Davis and Erin McGathy (who is also engaged to Harmon) to document their trip across the country, recording episodes of "Harmontown" along the way. Berkeley also talked to Harmon's colleagues and pals, like Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Chris Hardwick, Joel McHale, and Alison Brie.

If you're at all familiar with comedians, road trips, people who drink a whole lot, and/or Dan Harmon's online persona, then you know things get pretty intense. "Harmontown," which premieres at SXSW, is what happens when podcasters stop being polite and start getting really real, even during live, onstage games of Dungeons and Dragons. Not that comedians and podcasters are all that polite to begin with, but whatever.

Berkeley is also the director of the wonderful documentary "Beauty Is Embarrassing," about artist Wayne White. If you like things that are good, you should see "Beauty Is Embarrassing" immediately.

Put on your headphones and make sure your boss ain't looking, then hit play on this trailer for "Harmontown."
[Via io9]