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Even when he has new work to promote, Michael Keaton can't escape two of his most iconic past projects.

The actor sat down for an interview with "Today" to discuss his role in the "RoboCop" reboot, but the subject quickly turned to "Batman" and "Beetlejuice." Keaton gamely answered questions about both, including giving his assessment of new Batman (and scourge of fanboys) Ben Affleck.

"He's going to be great," Keaton told "Today" when asked to comment on Affleck's casting, adding that he didn't see why there was such an uproar.

"I don't follow it much, but I guess there was some sort of ... I don't know why people get excited about things," Keaton said. "Frankly, I don't understand it."

Keaton added that there was similar pressure when he donned the Batsuit for the very first "Batman" film in 1989, revealing that filmmakers were nervous about getting the character (and his iconic suit) right.

"If it goes wrong, it goes way wrong," Keaton recalled as the mindset about the flick.

Speaking of "Batman," its director, Tim Burton, has been making headlines recently for discussing a sequel to another Keaton collaboration, 1988's "Beetlejuice," and Keaton told "Today" that he would definitely be on board.

"I've been talking about it for years and I've been saying if I ever did anything again, it'd be that. I want to do that," Keaton said of "Beetlejuice 2." "The rumors, they've risen before and fallen away. Now, if Tim is involved ... I'd be more than interested. I mean, he's so original ... and he's an artist."

Keaton added that "Beetlejuice 2" "has to be done right" for him to sign on, but judging by his previous comments about his love for Burton's work, we can't imagine he'd turn the part down if offered. Here's hoping this long-awaited sequel actually happens someday.

[via Today, h/t Huffington Post]

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