new on netflix the iran job
Today, Netflix added a handful of streaming movies you've likely never heard of -- but that doesn't mean there aren't a couple worth checking out.

First, there's "The Iran Job," an eye-opening documentary about a pro basketball player who signs on for a season in Iran, where, to his surprise, he makes many friends, including some politically active Iranian women.

Another documentary, "Chasing Beauty," offers a rarely seen inside look at the highly competitive (and criticized) world of professional modeling. Fair warning, this is far from a glamorized look at the industry.

The full list is below. Happy Netflixing.

New on Netflix March 4, 2014
"And Then Came Lola" (2009) NR [Watch]
"Chasing Beauty" (2013) NR [Watch]
"The Iran Job" (2012) NR [Watch]
"Mr. Angel" (2013) NR [Watch]
"Otto the Rhino" (2013) PG [Watch]
"Private Romeo" (2011) NR [Watch]
"Tad: The Lost Explorer" (2012) NR [Watch]

[Photo: Fork Films]