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Steven Spielberg has directed them all - action flicks, serious dramas, sci-fi epics, and comedies. But there's one genre he has yet to tackle: the movie musical.

Deadline reports that the iconic director is interested in a remake of the classic, Oscar-winning musical "West Side Story."

Now, before fans explode in outrage, let's be clear: The project is in its very earliest stages. All Spielberg has done is express interest, and 20th Century Fox has agreed to allow him the rights.

Additionally, the director's name is often tied to nascent projects that never go anywhere -- like "American Sniper" with Bradley Cooper and "Robopocalypse."

Then again, perhaps the 67-year-old Spielberg wants to conquer that last corner of cinema. And as Deadilne notes, his longtime producing partner Stacey Snider is rumored to be heading to Fox. This could be Spielberg's best chance to take on the challenge of directing a musical and remaking a beloved classic.

All right, Jets and Sharks ... go nuts.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Foundation for the National Archives]
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