lego epic selfie
It may not get as many retweets as the original, but this LEGO recreation of Ellen DeGeneres's epic Oscars selfie is nothing short of awesome.

The photo comes courtesy of the official LEGO Twitter account, which posted the snap earlier this week. In front of a backdrop of the original shot stands 12 LEGO figurines, each taking the place of one of the stars in the photo, all positioned exactly as their flesh and blood counterparts were on Sunday night during the Academy Awards telecast.

The attention to detail is pretty impressive (shout out to the Meryl Streep figure's on-point outfit and body placement), though some of the LEGO figs don't exactly match up with the stars in Ellen's selfie. (The stand-ins for poor Bradley Cooper and Lupita Nyong'o's brother, Peter, have angry grimaces instead of the sunny smiles they sported in the original.)

Nitpicks aside, it's a fun take on the already-classic moment, which has inspired several other homages since it first made waves on Sunday night. This is one meme we won't mind being imitated for the foreseeable future.

[h/t HuffPost Entertainment]
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