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Troubled biopic "Grace of Monaco" will finally make its public debut this spring at the Cannes Film Festival, and now the film has a new trailer, too.

"Grace," which was pulled from The Weinstein Company's release schedule after two aborted release dates and an epic clash between TWC and the film's director, Olivier Dahan, tells the story of American actress turned foreign princess Grace Kelly (played by Nicole Kidman), delving deeper into her relationship with her husband, Albert, the prince of Monaco. Despite living what some would call a fairytale life – becoming an Oscar-winning actress, marrying into royalty -- "Grace" aims to show that Kelly's time overseas was less than idyllic, as she struggled to adapt to the unique pressures of ruling the small country near southern France.

Kelly wanted to continue acting, according to the trailer, but was discouraged by Albert and other royal advisers.

"I can be a mother and a wife and hold down two jobs without the people getting upset, can't I?" Kelly asks at one point.

Unfortunately, it seems that the answer is no.

"Grace" will premiere out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival on May 14.
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Grace of Monaco
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