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Last summer we got our first glimpse of "Maleficent," the "Sleeping Beauty" re-imagining that cast Angelina Jolie as the titular, horned sorceress from Disney's beloved animated classic, at the D23 convention, which is like Comic Con.... If Comic Con was exclusively devoted to Disney. The footage, while not exactly revelatory, was promising. And in the months since then, our excitement has steadily increased until we're at full-on "can't freaking wait" mode. The new poster Disney just unleashed certainly isn't doing anything to temper our anticipation.

The poster, a stark, nearly black-and-white affair (save for Jolie's piercing, witchy green eyes and her ruby red lips), features a full-on shot of Jolie. There isn't even a tagline. It's just "Angelina Jolie." "Maleficent." And those horns. Well, we're sold. They've also introduced a new @Maleficent Twitter handle where things will be "revealed" (according to a tersely worded press release). So, be sure to follow an old timey Disney villainess on Twitter.

"Maleficent" costars Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty), Sharlto Copley as the King, Miranda Richardson as the Queen, and Juno Temple, Imelda Staunton, and Lesley Manville as the fairies. It was directed by longtime production designer Robert Stromberg, from a screenplay by longtime Disney animation scribe Linda Woolverton (with some additional work by the great Paul Dini). It will be released on May 30, in 3D, so when you see those horns in real life, they'll probably be pointed at you.maleficent poster
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