"Insidious" writer Leigh Whannell may be at SXSW promoting his new film, "The Mule," but that didn't stop him from spilling info about the upcoming sequel "Insidious 3."

In an interview with Screen Rant, Whannell revealed that a script has been completed, and while it's still in the first draft stages, some crucial details have already been established.

"[Producer] Jason Blum will probably kill me if I say anything," Whannell said of the franchise's third installment. " ... But I can say that it's not based around the Lambert family anymore, it's not Rose Byrne's character -- which I actually really liked, going back and just wiping the slate clean and starting over again. It felt like writing the first film, 'cause you weren't bound to any particular character. ... It felt really good."

Whannell also confirmed that he and "Insidious" co-star Angus "Tucker" Sampson will reprise their roles as ghost hunters Specs and Tucker, respectively. And Screen Rant writes that "Insidious 3" will not be connected to the last scene in "Insidious 2." Just where the franchise goes from here is anyone's guess, but as long as Whannell is at the helm, fans should be satisfied.

"We'll see what happens," Whannell said. "But I'm excited about it."

"Insidious 3" is due out on April 3, 2015.

Photo courtesy FilmDistrict
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