Jason Bateman, Let's Talk About 'Bad Words'
This week, Jason Bateman makes his feature-length directorial debut with "Bad Words," a dark comedy about spelling bees, sore losers, and adults seeking revenge for something that happened in their childhoods.

In other words (see what we did there?), it's a movie about an adult man (Batman) who loses a spelling bee as a child and decides that winning one as an adult will more than make up for it. Given the comedy's R rating, it goes without saying (but we're saying it) that there are plenty of bad words in "Bad Words," so we sat down with the movie's star/director to get his take on swearing in front of kids, being a former child star and now directing children, and his "good, not great" spelling skills.

It's OK, Jason. We've always struggled with the silent "w," too.

"Bad Words" is in select theaters March 14, and rolls out nationwide March 28.

Interview by Sharon Knolle.

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Bad Words
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