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We're only a couple months away from "Maleficent," the new live action adaptation of Disney's animated "Sleeping Beauty," starring Angelina Jolie as the titular sorceress, and Disney has unleashed two new trailers. Well, one new trailer and a teaser for yet another trailer. While one of the clips is shockingly same old, same old, the other is pretty dang cool.

The new trailer is pretty pedestrian and rehashes a lot of what we've seen in the earlier trailer, with forced voice over stating things like: "Behind the kiss... Behind the magic... Behind the Legend of Sleeping Beauty..." (interspersed, bafflingly, with footage from the original animated classic). Jolie, of course, continues too dazzle. She totally inhabits this role -- the horns, the cheekbones, the pointy ears -- but some of the other elements seem iffy at best (the fairies, in particular, have us worried). Elle Fanning, too, looks great as a young Princess Aurora. Obviously, the movie will live and die on Jolie's performance, so it will probably be just fine.

But the little teaser for the next trailer is what really made us curious. While the original Maleficent in "Sleeping Beauty" memorably transformed into a giant dragon, this new clip shows us what would happen if she actually had wings. "The other fairies have wings, why don't you?" Aurora asks. "I had wings once. They were strong," Jolie says, in a deeply sympathetic way. Then, right before the snippet ends, she says, sadly, "They were stolen from me." Aw snap! It's on!

While we're kind of bummed that Disney is already showcasing the Maleficent-has-wings surprise, we're very very thankful that they haven't ruined everything (let's just say that there's more to Aurora than meets the eye, as well -- and no, she's not a transformer).

"Maleficent," which also stars Sam Riley, Sharlto Copley, Miranda Richardson, Juno Temple, Imelda Staunton, Lesley Manville and Peter Capaldi, will open on May 30 and will undoubtedly blow all of our minds (hopefully).

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