predator dance partyRemember "Predator 2"? We've tried to forget it, too. But one thing that came out of the Danny Glover-starring misbegotten sci-fi sequel is definitely worth remembering -- and it wasn't even in the movie. You see, Lionel Douglass (aka Big "D"), one of the actors playing a predator in the movie, is a former member of a dance group called the "Lockers." In a stroke of genius, he decided to teach his fellow predators a dance number, and the result is something that makes us fear for our safety -- on the dance floor, that is. Oh, and as a bonus, Glover pops up in the video. Jazz hands!

From YouTube:

Lionel Douglass -AKA- Big "D" is a member of the original Don Campbellock dance group the "Lockers" He is also the creator of this dance act and one of the Predators of this number. Lionel Douglass -AKA- Big "D" will be the last one dancing doing the "Alpha". Granny Nancy feeds the Predators so check her out at Granny Nancys Kitchen. More on Lionel Douglass.....go to imdb or or google Lionel Douglass (Big Bird) Yes that is Danny Glover in the video.

[h/t Reddit]
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