new maleficent trailer
Disney's been teasing us with so many peeks at "Maleficent" lately that we're wondering if we can have too much of a good thing. It seems like just yesterday we caught a glimpse of Maleficent's magnificent wings, and here they are again, flapping most impressively as she calls her fellow outsiders to arms. (Ed. note: It was yesterday.)

The third trailer shows off Angelina Jolie's spooky spell-casting and more of that green fire and smoke Maleficent digs so much. It also hints at how Ms. Maleficent lost her wings and a deeper secret about the evil that men do. Speaking of men, Maleficent's crow Diaval can transform into one, and he's not half bad. (In addition to playing a shape-changing sidekick, Sam Riley played Ian Curtis of Joy Division in 2007's "Control." You can also see him chain smoke his way through "On the Road" with Kristen Stewart. Appropriate? Is it weird that we're hoping for a little romance between Aurora and Diaval?)

It's hard to tell from a trailer if "Maleficent" will pull off the "Lord of the Rings"-style scope of its magical action scenes. Here's hoping we haven't seen the best parts of Disney's twisted fairy tale before it even opens.

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