fargo tv series trailer
You betcha! We love Marge Gunderson from Joel and Ethan Coen's "Fargo," but is it possible that this FX series based on the movie will fit that "Eh?"-shaped place in our hearts?

The new show takes place in the same uncannily polite society of small-town Minnesota as the movie, with different, though familiar, characters. There's Martin Freeman as a putzy salesman named Lester Nygaard; Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo, a vaguely threatening out-of-towner with bad hair; Kate Walsh as a merry widow; Allison Tolman as the polite, upstanding police officer; and Adam Goldberg as a criminal element with a taste for gas station snacks. What do we think of their accents? A little off, right? Not quite that sweet spot between the Midwest and Canada, eh?

If "Fargo" takes off, the plan is to make it an anthology series like "American Horror Story" or "True Detective." Noah Hawley, who was a writer and story editor on "Bones" and the creator of the short-lived but charming series "The Unusuals," is behind this 10-ep season. Having the Coens on board as exec producers doesn't make it a given that "Fargo" will woodchip its way onto our DVRs, ya know. A good barf joke goes a long way, though. You're darn tootin'.

Photo by Chris Large/FX