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Disney CEO Bob Iger shared a wealth of information about a host of upcoming projects at the studio's shareholders meeting Tuesday, highlighting "Star Wars: Episode VII" and new sequels from Pixar. But one venerable franchise, "Pirates of the Caribbean," was noticeably absent from Disney's future plans, and that's because Iger had a bombshell revelation to share.

According to Variety, Iger told stockholders that "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" had not yet received a green light from the studio, despite being in the works for several years. This shocking news seems to be in direct conflict with Disney's ongoing plans for the latest installment of the franchise, which has already received a subtitle ("Dead Men Tell No Tales"), a tentative release date (2016), and a possible leading villain (Christoph Waltz).

Despite all that, it seems Disney still isn't ready to commit to the film, which adds some credence to theories that the studio was abandoning the franchise to focus on more reliable money-making Marvel flicks after "The Lone Ranger" -- a Johnny Depp-Jerry Bruckheimer collaboration, just like "Pirates" -- was a major flop last summer.

Whatever the studio's reasoning, it still has the prerogative to change its mind at any time. Just don't expect "Pirates" to take to the high seas anytime soon.

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