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While 2014 marks Pixar's first year without an original feature release since 2005, the animation studio isn't slowing down: Parent company Disney just announced that "The Incredibles 2" and "Cars 3" are in development.

Disney CEO Bob Iger shared the news during a meeting with stockholders Tuesday, revealing that original "Incredibles" director Brad Bird is working on a story for the long-gestating sequel to the 2004 superhero flick. Iger also confirmed that another sequel to the super-lucrative "Cars" franchise was also in the works. He declined to provide any more details about the two projects.

Despite the lack of information, the announcement is certainly good news for fans of both franchises. While "Cars 3" seemed like a no-brainer considering the overwhelming global popularity of the first two films, "The Incredibles 2" had been hinted at for years without materializing. We're glad that Iger has now officially confirmed its existence, and even happier that Bird is on board, since he's been a passionate defender of the project and its characters over the years.

"I love the world. I love the characters, and if I could come with a story that was as good or better than the original, I'd go there in a second," Bird told the AP in 2007. "I have pieces of things that I would love to see in a sequel, but I haven't got them all together yet, and I certainly wouldn't want to come out there with something that is less than the original."

It seems that those pieces have finally gelled. We can't wait to see them on the big screen.

In the meantime, Pixar's got another sequel, "Finding Dory," set to hit theaters in 2016. The studio's next two original titles, "Inside Out" and "The Good Dinosaur," are due out on June 19, 2015 and November 25, 2015, respectively.

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