everything wrong with the goonies
For anyone who grew up in the '80s, "The Goonies" is sacred. Who didn't love the fun and funny action-adventure movie about fellow kids who find a pirate treasure and triumph over the bad guys?

But nobody said it was particularly believable or reflective of real life, which the folks at CinemaSins points out in their eight-minute video cataloguing all the movie sins in "The Goonies."

They end up counting 109 sins throughout the entire film, starting with some terrible prison security and ending with the last song (apparently, Cyndi Lauper is a sin).

Here are some of the hilarious head-scratchers they come up with:
  • NO police saw this escaping prisoner between his cell and the FRONT DOOR?!?!
  • Your dad has bunches of pirate stuff in the attic of the house that you've lived in for years and years and you have NEVER once been to the attic?!
  • This bowling-ball-on-a-track system would surely have broken down sometime in the last 350 years.
  • I like how they all died around this table. Like ... they must have died in the middle of a staff meeting.

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