divergent box office"Divergent" fans are expected to converge on theaters this weekend, with industry analysts predicting that the dystopian YA flick will earn around $60 million.

That number is on track with fellow teen-friendly franchise "Twilight," which opened with a $69 million haul when the first film debuted in 2008, though it's a far cry from current YA champ "The Hunger Games," which took in $152 million back in 2012.

Despite most likely falling short of the lofty marks hit by Katniss and co., "Divergent" (which cost $85 million) is still expected to be a moneymaking franchise for studios Lionsgate and Summit, which have already OK'd its sequel, "Insurgent." Production on that flick is expected to start in May.

Variety reports that "Divergent"'s strong opening expectations have been spurred on in part by high interest in ticket presales. A survey conducted by online ticket retailer Fandango revealed that 66 percent of fans who've already purchased tickets say they plan to see the movie with friends, promising further profit.

"Divergent," which stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Kate Winslet, opens Friday, with advanced screenings on Thursday night.
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